Введите текст заголовка

Usually builders use fir forest rare because its consumer properties are poor for production chopped walls. We use pine because it`s much softer, doesn’t twist a lot and doesn’t have a lot of pitch.

Log cabins uses thin logs (diameter 22-26 cm), average (diameter 28-32 cm), and thick (diameter 40 or more).Log cabins uses thin logs (diameter 22-26 cm), average (diameter 28-32 cm), and thick (diameter 40 or more).

Choosing a diameter depends on some conditions:

Climate conditions and location. (Where  the Loggers will be working)

  • Financial opportunities of the customer

External esthetics of the log house

The esthetical indicator of the log except the diameter is its branchiness. Pine has a small amount of branches in the lower part of a trunk and the “komlevy saw cut” is a high-quality and considered as the most expensive cut. 

The rounded shape of the log is the most widespread in Russia. Sometimes we crack the log edging on the inside to increase the capacity of the room as well as for the habitual feelings of the owner. Outside walls will remain untouched because the external layer prevents the logs from precipitating.

In Europe (Norway and Finland for instance) the broad application is to crack the log on two edges. The walls are actually straight from the inside and outside as well but doing it this way loses the aesthetics of the hand-work. The main methods of the connection are Norwegian Chop and the Chop “in bough”.


You also can order a log cabin out of the north dead standing pine “Kelo”. No wood can be compared to the qualities of the “sleepy” tree. The ancient Sami people have a whole philosophy based on a theory of the external life after the sleepy pine death and the immortality of the human that lives in the log house made out of “Kelo”.

Houses made of dead wood are the most ecological and clean among the other wood. You can feel the pleasant natural wood smell and the humidity and the oxygen balance remains at an optimum level.

The color of the wall is also gray the way it is in the forest. If a log has a cap or knot the workers will leave it as best they can, for aesthetics. Our masters choose the dead woods from the north latitudes of Karelia because only in severe climate can grow they grow strong and solid.

As the pine reach a certain age and the root system struggle to get enough food they begins to dry. But as long as it stands on its roots the tree can maintain its desired qualities for some time.