International Carpenter`s Academy

Greetings, my friend!


If you have found yourself reading this article, then you are certainly showing an interest in log houses, carpentry and everything in between. And so do I! Yes, over the course of 10 years I’ve built and sold dozens of log houses and just as much turnkey log bathhouses. Under my guidance there have been trained several self-sufficient and successful carpentry teams!


I have never lost my inner curiosity in log houses, repeatedly visiting international woodworking fairs and carpentry exhibitions, and have always grasped at the opportunity to learn from carpenters either native or foreign. One of my dreams have come true recently – my very own log house – the cobbler have stopped wearing the worst shoes!


My friend, I am going to tell you a secret – the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know about this exciting subject – log houses.

With such a realization, I am naturally forced to do the next necessary step in my development as a log house builder. That is to be the founder of International Carpentry School in Petrozavodsk, Karelia. The place where one can be an apprentice, learning from direct experience all the important carpentry basics and developing essential woodworking skills. In such a school instructor would continually check over not only his trainee but himself as well, constantly improving his knowledge and gaining new experience. In order to throw clear light of understanding on the subject of log house building, instructor would have, once again, to digest professional literature, as well as bring in well-known local craftsmen, architects and developers. I believe that altogether this is the key to bringing student`s mind to the heart of log house building conception and learning many valuable things in the process.


After all the years of building, learning and communicating with carpenters I have come to a conclusion that the whole thing, this big theme,– Log house building  can be viewed upon somewhat differently, and that its main idea or concept changes from person to person. In my practice, it takes about 3 years of building experience for a person, a carpenter, to develop his own unique vision and understanding of this grand subject. And this understanding would not furthermore change easily. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be changed. My point here is that you should not expect to be presented with the one and only, the true way of building a log house, and then feel obliged to follow it.