International Carpenter`s Academy 2015

On September the 7th the International Carpenter`s Academy, based on the premises of “Terem”, log house building company of Petrozavodsk, had once again opened its doors for trainees eager to learn the essential basics of a carpenter trade.


Alexander’s personal educational program started with him getting familiarized with first principles of carpentry. He has applied them to the creation of a massive log bench table from 300 mm (11.8 inches) timber.

After that, Alexander continued to get the hang of the log house fundamentals actively participating in the construction of log bathhouse, 4 by 6 meters (13 by 20 feet) in size.


Even the autumn whims of Karelian nature couldn’t frighten this truly a handy man. On the contrary, after three weeks spent on our production/training site, which is situated in a scenic place on the shore of Onega Lake, Alexander fell in love with Karelia and our city, Petrozavodsk, and has plans to visit the Kizhi island, famous for its wooden log churches.

Alexander, we hope that you are deeply satisfied with training at International Carpenter`s Academy and we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors on your carpenter path!